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Invensysrail: Pay Talks

3 May 2012

Update on pay talks, your help is required.

2012 Pay

Company council reps have been in the process of negotiations on pay for some time now and have been working hard to canvass members views on the current 2.5% pay rise that is on offer.

Due to the feedback your representatives have received they have registered a ‘Failure to agree’ and there is now a meeting scheduled for 10 May with representatives from the company, the company council and Full time officials from TSSA and Unite.

What can I do to assist?

Whilst every effort will be made to reach a negotiated position and achieve an offer that you find acceptable there may be a need in the near future to ballot members on Industrial Action. There are however some legal hurdles that need to be overcome and the unions must do all they can to ensure that their records are as up to date as possible, as we will need to provide anonomised data in any notification to the company that we intend to ballot.

Therefore to ensure that we are prepared for every eventuality if you have amended your home address, workplace, job title, contact details or if you no longer work for Invensysrail please inform us of the changes via our helpdesk 0800 3282673, if possible please have your membership number or national insurance number to hand.

You can also assist us to build strength, only Members of an independent trade union may take part in an industrial action ballot and take part in any action as a result so the more members we have the stronger the message that would be sent to the company. If you have colleagues who are not a member of a trade union then please advise them to join the appropriate one, they can join TSSA online at:

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