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Invensysrail: Pay Talks

20 September 2012

Company Council have failed to reach agreement on the pay award for April 2012.


“We develop and recognise high performance, contribution and achievement”

How can this be true when the Company’s recent actions have shown complete contempt for your performance, contribution and achievements? You have told us that a lot of you no longer feel like you are working in an environment which promotes an “I want to work here culture” another value which the Company likes to “promote”.


Your mandate, from the ballot rejection, was clear. As was the recent feedback received from a significant number of employees. You do not wish to accept the 2.5% offer from April 2012. Despite this the Company chose to punish you for exercising your rights, without adequate explanation, reducing their offer to 1.75% effective from October 2012 (0.875% for 2012 in real terms). Citing unforeseen financial problems only two hours after the ballot but still deciding to pay their executive bonuses on the original 'erroneous' accounts to the total of 10% for some lucky individuals!

This has been an exceptionally difficult time for your Company Council representatives with the Company imposing unacceptable restrictions on their activities and preventing them from engaging in meaningful dialogue with you through unnecessary confidentiality clauses.

The Company’s latest (and final) offer

The Company, despite originally refusing to enter discussions on multi-year deals, have finally offered a two year deal of 1.75% from October 2012 with a minimum payment of £420 for part-time employees and a proposal for April 2013 of 3% with a minimum payment of £600 for part-time employees.

We feel we can’t support a deal that this year grossly undervalues the aspirations of our members and for subsequent years incorporates too much of a risk as it does not take into account the effects of inflation, which was 3.9% in January 2012 (the last milestone date for Invensys Rail pay negotiations).

We therefore lodged a “Failure To Agree” citing the conditions and underhand practices adopted by the Company and have requested that all further negotiations on the April 2012 pay award be undertaken directly by the recognised Trade Unions.

Next steps

The time has come to make yourself heard and to let the Company know that you are not prepared to let them treat your elected Company Council reps in such an appalling manner and that you aren’t willing to accept this year’s derisory and punitive pay offer.

It is important now more than ever that you make your views known so please complete (and encourage others to do the same) and return the enclosed referendum ballot form no later than 5 October 2012.

It is clear that together we are stronger and so this is why it is imperative that we continue to build our strength and get others to join a trade union, only members of a Trade union can be balloted and have a say in any meaningful way as you cannot rely on the company to play fair so please ask a non-member to join today and get them to go online at

Together we Bargain divided we Beg!

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