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Invensysrail: Pay Talks

24 August 2012

Company not willing to listen to your views and instead of increasing the pay offer they threaten to drop it and not pay you until October!


Companies message

When we last wrote to you the company had tabled an offer of 2.5% for this year’s pay. Since then due to YOU using your democratic right and voting to turn down that offer the company have chosen to show their true nature and Bully you into accepting a derisory 1.75% offer and are suggesting that this won’t be backdated to April and not paid until October!

The company brought your Company council representatives into Confidential talks to provide them with further information to justify the 2.5% offer yet no meaningful information was provided and the company used the pretence of confidential talks to stall and bring in this derisory offer despite you voting against it!

Members have fed back to company council representatives their disgust at the company’s treatment and TSSA is dumbfounded as to how the company thinks it has any justification to treat their staff in such an underhand and oppressive manner.

In addition to all of this You are already made to opt out of the Working Time Limits and work long hours to help the company, have had to pick up the slack from the jobs cuts and redundancies, have to take part in a laborious IPMS performance process, have a Joint liability Company credit card imposed on you which isn’t even paid off by the company direct. Your TSSA representatives believe that these are all steps too far!

Are you prepared to be bullied?

This offer clearly has to change and in all probability due to the company’s stance in negotiations your TSSA representatives will need your assistance to do this. We know that staff are unhappy and are leaving the company but now is the time to stand up and make sure that the efforts you have put in to building the company aren’t wasted. It’s time to ensure that you won’t be forced into accepting that the company can play games with your representatives and that they need to deal with you all in a fair and consistent manor. Like all Bullies if we stand together collectively and challenge this behaviour then they will think again!

Next Steps

It is clear that unless the Company drastically changes its stances with its employees you will be called upon to assist your Representatives. In the meantime the Company Council representatives will be seeking to meet with the company and resolve this issue but if the company fail to change their stance we will have no option but to go into dispute with the company. At the very least we will be balloting members and giving you the choice that the company chose not to. More information will follow in the weeks to come and we will keep you posted.

It is clear that together we are stronger and so this is why it is imperative that we continue to build our strength and get others to join a trade union, only members of a Trade union can be balloted and have a say in any meaningful way as you cannot rely on the company to play fair so please ask a non-member to join today and get them to go online at

Together we Bargain divided we Beg!

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