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Invensysrail: Pensions your feedback

25 March 2013

In less than 2 working days we’ve had over 130 responses to our survey, if you or your colleagues haven’t completed it so far then please ensure that they do so via: the more people who complete it the better able we are to act in your best interests


Responses so far

137 people had completed the survey up until 14:00 on 25 March 2013 whilst this is great in such a short period of time the more responses that we receive the better so please make sure that you speak to colleagues and help them help you by completing it:

Respondents were from across the company not just from those under consultation but it was clear that there were issues from the consultation process as 89% of respondents did not feel that they have received all the information within a timely fashion.

There was 100% support out of the 126 people that answered our question about whether they supported our 4 main aims and agreed that we should be aiming to achieve:

· Extension of the consultation exercise to explore all the options

· Include representatives from Siemens in those talks

· Secure a better pensions offering than is currently being proposed

· Clarify Siemens’ intentions on the RPS and the deficit recovery plan

Some of the aims that you highlighted include:

  • Reopening the RPS Pension Scheme and moving those affected into it
  • Receive the same level of Pensions provision in the future as now
  • Keep the IPS open but Siemens become a joint contributor
  • Bullet point 3 should be for All

What we will do

As the consultations exercise was due to end on Monday 25 March 2013 we wrote to the company to reiterate the Company Councils requests, highlight our 4 main aims and in any meetings we will spell out the additional aims that you have identified in our survey.

What you must do

In the meantime there are clearly things that you can do to assist everyone affected by this process, including yourselves:

  • keep encouraging your colleagues to fill in the survey the closer we get to 100% of staff completing it the better informed we will be
  • Build our collective strength and ensure that everyone has a strong voice by encouraging non-members to join an appropriate trade union. It may be that we have to formally ballot you on your options from this process, if that is the case then only trade union members will be included in that process and the more members that we have the stronger position that you will all be in. If you have colleagues who are not trade union members then please ask them to join:
  • Support Trade union members to stand for vacant Company council positions and ensure that they have a support mechanism that provides advice guidance and Training to be able to carry out their role on your behalf.

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