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Invensysrail: Standing together works!

16 November 2012

You have your say and the company has had to listen, TSSA listens without a gun being put to our head!


You have your say, we listen

Over the past week there has been a stark contrast in the way that your employer has chosen to deal with you, following your collective resolve to be balloted for industrial action. Fearing a positive mandate for industrial action and the consequences that may bring, Invensysrail has wisely chosen to offer an improved offer within a quicker timescale than previous offers. Your Company council reps have briefed this out to you.

As we were due to start the Industrial action ballot process today (Friday 16 November) we felt it wise to wait for you to have your say on that offer through the meetings conducted by your company council representatives.

Following your definitive response today to accept the latest pay offer we have chosen to cancel the Industrial Action Ballot process. This shows that together you have forced the employer to listen and thus react in a more favourable way and all because you were prepared to stand together in solidarity with other TSSA members. If you can do this on pay then there is more that can yet be achieved!

A Trade union is for Life not just for pay deals

Sometimes it may be difficult to see the positive work that TSSA and your company council representatives carry out on your behalf but rest assured your representatives have worked hard to get you the best deal that they could. Like any democratic organisation we have aims and objectives formed from what you our members want. To be able to achieve those aims we and your reps need your help as proved by these latest pay negotiations. You have kept your resolve and said that you are not prepared to be ignored any longer and now is the time to build on that and ensure that it will never happen again.

The more people who work for Invensyrail and are members of a trade union the easier it is for us to stand up for your rights, ensure that you are dealt with fairly so that we can achieve positive results on your behalf. If between now and the end of the year you could recruit just one member to TSSA we could double our collective strength, encourage a colleague to join and double your strength at

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