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Iarnród Éireann News Letter:

17 December 2015

Vehicle Management System/ Tracking Devices The company have confirmed that during the cross over period to the new vehicle lease agreement a short term measure of using rental vehicles will take place.


In response to our concerns re: the use of tracking devices in rental vehicles the company responded

…the rental of these vehicles is a short term measure to get over contractual difficulties and Iarnród Éireann will not be using these devices to track/monitor Iarnród Éireann staff nor will it be used as a precedent in relation to the overall company proposals in relation to these devices”

We have also written to the company to clarify that the TSSA position on tracking devices has not changed since our initial meeting in January of this year.

TSSA view the introduction of any tracking system would have to be via agreement with all the trade unions. We are far from any agreement at this point. Indeed we have yet to have any meaningful meeting on the issue.

Productivity non-driver grades

A meeting is schedule for the workplace relations commission in January 2016 to discuss the issue of productivity in the non-driver grades. TSSA welcomes the drivers acceptance of the labour court recommendations on issue of productivity and hope any goodwill generated will extend to when we meet with the company in the workplace relations commission. We expect any discussion on productivity for TSSA grades to be both genuine and meaningful. We will keep members updated as the productivity meetings progress.

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