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Iarnrod Eireann Pay Talks & Industrial Relations Update:

7 February 2017

TSSA along with the other trade unions attended a meeting at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) 06/02/17 concerning a pay claim on behalf of members in Iarnrod Eireann.


We reminded the company that you have not had a pay rise since 2008 and you endured a reduction in pay and terms and conditions through the cost containment 1 & 2 agreements. These agreements along with other measures and staff reductions over the years have delivered a significant reduction in payroll costs.

When considering the contribution you have made over the last number of years it was only right and proper that we submitted a claim for flat rate pay increase.

The company responded that any pay increase needed to be linked to productivity and efficiencies that were both across the board and grade specific.

It became clear after in-depth discussions with the company that they were not going to table a no strings attached pay offer. It was therefore futile to continue discussions that would only see a further delay in finding a resolution to your long overdue pay claim. The matter has now been referred on to a full hearing of the Labour Court.

The issue of return of the cut to Subsistence Allowances & Self Certification has also been referred on to a full hearing of the labour court after a failure to find agreement at the WRC late last week. It is our view that when the cost containment agreement finished that this terms and conditions should have been reinstated to the levels prior to the implementation of the two cost containment agreements.

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