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Is it safe? Information for strike day 'volunteers'

23 November 2010

Given the serious disruption to the tube over the past month we are encouraging all non – operational staff to consider the importance of safety if they are asked to work as a ‘volunteer’ to break the strike.

Thing’s to consider;

- The strike is about jobs and safety, issues which should be important to all London Underground employees.
- Over 150 Duty Managers have now left under voluntary Redundancy which means that there are a 150 less experienced staff available on strike day to support volunteers.
- Many Duty Mangers have now been moved to different groups so they will also be unfamiliar with the station set up.

Reps across the Underground are currently investigating a number of safety incidents relating to;

- Trains stopping at closed stations and reports of stations operating below the minimum level of safety critical staff
- Contractors being left in charge of stations
- Stations operating with no lift services

Station staff ARE responsible for the safety of passengers. So if you do not feel comfortable volunteering then you don’t have to.

You should not be put under any pressure to volunteer for strike-breaking duties. Or be victimised or mistreated for refusing to undertake voluntary duties. Please immediately get in touch if you or anyone else feels pressured into volunteering.

Helpdesk 0800 3282673

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