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Isalnd Line Pay Award 2013

15 November 2013

The TSSA have met with Island Line in regard to the 2013 pay award.


In the first meeting we put forward our claim for the following:

· A substantial Increase to salaries.

· A reduction in the working week.

· An improvement in family friendly policies and provisions.

· An improvement in Annual Leave.

During that meeting Island Line informed us of the current economic climate in the United Kingdom and how that was affecting them as a business.

The TSSA reminded Island Line that our members had accepted a below RPI increase last year and that their standard of living was dropping as a result of that. The TSSA reiterated that we did not want prolonged pay discussions like last year and Island Line agreed that was not acceptable.

At that meeting received a final offer from Island Line as follows:

· 3.0% Increase in salaries from the first Monday in October 2013, or a minimum increase of £600 onto basic salaries whatever is the greater.

TSSA considers that this offer is acceptable and believes the deal is a benefit to our members and it mirrors the South West Trains offer. TSSA and our representatives intend to accept this offer but would welcome your view before we do that. Therefore please contact TSSA at before the 25th November 2013.

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