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It's make your mind up time

15 August 2011

TSSA's ballot for industrial action over fair pay and respect at work closes this Thursday. If you have not returned your ballot paper, there is still time: but please dispatch it immediately. TSSA are calling for a 'Yes' to both questions.


No move on fair pay

In the face-to-face negotiations with David Higgins last week it was made plain that Network Rail will not increase the imposed pay award for this year and is already planning to impose a significantly below inflation increase next year. Management grades can therefore look forward to a fourth year in which their pay increase is less than half that offered to those they manage.

Gender pay inequality

Network Rail has offered to discuss gender pay inequality, but only on the basis that any steps must be ‘cost neutral’. They want TSSA reps to propose job cuts or pay cuts to fund the costs of eliminating what is an unlawful gender pay gap.

Respect at work

With substantial office re-location, there is a strong business case for extending flexible and remote working. Network Rail’s response: ‘we want to see people at their desks five days per week’. There is no progress on reviewing workloads and long hours: it is ‘not an issue’, nor a commitment to address the often 40% pay differentials between people doing the same job. The PRP system ‘is not broken’. As to the Public Sector Equality Duty: Network Rail insists that the law does not apply to them.

Only industrial action can win

Legal obligations and reasoned argument have not succeeded. We are therefore asking our members to vote ‘Yes’ to both strike action and action short of strike. This will provide us with the maximum flexibility in a campaign of industrial action to win fair pay and respect at work. Please use your vote.

Get involved

If you want to know how you can help TSSA win fair pay and respect at work drop an email to

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