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It’s Your Pay – Have Your Say

24 March 2011

TSSA representatives Andy Bain and Steve McKay and myself met with RSSB yesterday to negotiate the 2011 pay deal, following the circulation of the company’s initial pay offer last week. This meeting was convened at short notice, taking place prior to the end of our consultation with members, which closes this Friday, March 25.

As representatives of an organising, member-led trade union, we will continue to consult with our members and deliver a formal rejection or acceptance in writing by close of play Monday 28 March. Our response is entirely dependent on the views you share with your reps between now and Friday.

Better than nothing, less than inflation:

Basic Pay: As you know, RSSB have offered to pay a maximum increase of 4.5% to basic pay for staff on £65,000 or less, 4% for those on more, and 3.5% to the Executive Management team. Following last year’s pay freeze your reps argued for a minimum 5.5% increase - the February Retail Price Index (RPI) figure - representing the change in cost of living in real terms. In our view, any change to your pay below RPI represents a reduction real terms. The Executive Management team acknowledged our concerns but felt this offer was competitive compared to some public sector and rail industry employers, and a significant increase on the last two year’s offers.

Bonus Payments: The company offered to pay a bonus of £1000 to all employees, identical to the 2010 bonus. We have asked for more transparency in the bonus arrangements.

Annual Leave: Despite your reps arguing for an increase in annual leave for staff employed for under five years to 29 days, and 30 days for those employed for five years or more, ending the ten year wait for the full entitlement, the intends to maintain the current annual leave entitlement.

London Allowance: The offer increases by £300, to £3000.

Other Elements: The company agreed to continue to build a relationship with TSSA to develop several other benefits including a Union Learning Agreement to deliver tailored training for staff, relating to both career progression and personal development. Please check our website for further details. We are only as strong as our members and we will be arranging a recruitment day soon, follow the link for details of our National Recruitment week:

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