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January 2016 EC summary

1 February 2016

Summary of the key issues and decisions made at the meeting of TSSA's Executive Committee held on 14 and 15 January 2016

Industrial relations

Network Rail members overwhelmingly accepted the latest offer on their pensions. The changes will now be implemented from 1st April 2016.

TSSA Democracy

The EC considered a report following TSSA Circular 223 (August 2015), which requested that branches, SOGs and Divisional Councils gave their views on the streamlining of Annual Delegates Conference. There were a limited number of responses from branches, and no responses from SOGs or DCs. It was therefore difficult to draw any conclusions other than that, given the paucity of responses, the vast majority of branches, SOGs and DCs did not feel that the issue was necessary to comment on.

A further report would be put before the EC at the March meeting on other issues pertaining to Conference, including a lack of space in the conference hall, provision of water on tables for delegates and the use of Conference time for EC meetings.

It was agreed that the Transport Benevolent Fund would be given space for a stall at Conference, as per their request to the EC.

The EC agreed to disband the ‘Spectrum’ Self Organised Group at the request of the outgoing Chair following a very difficult year for the SOG. Our equality agenda and organising of LGBT members will continue as before and a new SOG can and will be established as and when there are sufficient activists to facilitate it and organize it effectively.

Organising and Membership

The EC was given a report and presentation on our 2016 education programme, as well as feedback from the 2015 programme. A wide range of courses were now available for reps and activists, details of which can be found at There were still issues with members who were not able to attend courses for which they had booked places and there was a discussion on gender balance of courses.

Correspondence was received from the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU), which was an invitation to attend the GFTU’s ‘Next Generation’ Festival, an event running from 13th to 15th May aimed at young trade unionists and young people in general with a series of workshops, discussions, debates and other activities. The EC agreed to pass the information on to Future TSSA for their action.

Following recommendations from the Communications Working Party and Anglia & London North East Divisional Council, it was agreed that membership reports would include email addresses of members who had either transferred or had left the union. This would be introduced in due course.

It was agreed by the EC that the Irish Ferryways branch (no. 023) would be re-opened, as the required members to officer the branch had been found. However, as the catchment area of the branch was being amended to include all ferries members in Ireland, the name of the branch should be looked at with a view to changing it.

It was also agreed by the EC that LU Operating Managers branch (450) would be renamed to LU MATS & Operating Managers branch at their request.


The EC also approved donations to the following:

• £2,000 to Elaine Smith MSP for her campaign for re-election

• £2,000 to Mark Griffin MSP for his campaign for re-election

• £2,000 to Joe Cullinane for his campaign for election to the Scottish Parliament

• £5,000 to Marvin Rees, Labour Party candidate for mayor of Bristol

• £5,000 to affiliate to Citizens UK (see below)

• €500 to Irish Congress of Trade Unions for their ‘One Project’ Group, with a further €500 following the group’s first report to the EC

• £200 to Tolpuddle Martyr’s Festival and Rally 2016

• £50 donation to War on Want

• £50 donation to Pride London

• £25 to With Banners Held High appeal

• £25 to Sylvia Pankhurst memorial Committee

• £25 to NUM Yorkshire Area

• £25 to Freedom From Torture

• £25 to Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Verbal reports were given to the EC on the Audit Committee and the Investments Committee.


Following contact from Network Rail North London Branch suggesting the launch of a EC Campaigns Committee, the branch would be contacted to arrange a meeting with officers of the branch, the AGS and the Political Officer to look at the possibility of establishing such a committee, bearing in mind budgetary constraints.

Contact was received from Network Rail London South Branch regarding the threat of break up and privatisation of Network Rail. The EC agreed to write to the branch regarding the details contained in the letter as the same issue had been submitted by the branch for the provisional agenda for 2016 Annual Delegates Conference.

It was agreed to affiliate TSSA to Citizens UK, a body considered to be at the forefront of community organising in Britain. Citizens UK will assist in giving training to TSSA organisers and members in community organising, negotiating with community groups and building relationships with community groups.


This is a brief summary. For further details, please contact your Executive Committee member.

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