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Translink Reduction in staffing levels and other cost cuttings

25 February 2015

TSSA has written to Gordon Milligan seeking an urgent meeting regarding the announcement of Translink’s intention to “swing the axe” on our members jobs.


We have expressed our grave concerns that the recent announcement regarding proposals to reduce staffing levels and implement other cost cutting measures creates major uncertainty for member’s job security.

It would appear that the proposals announced confirm our long held suspicions that any reduction in staffing levels will hit TSSA grades disproportionately.

This is a real kick in the teeth for members who have over the last number of years through dedication and hard work ensured the efficient and safe working of public transport in Northern Ireland during difficult economic times. It is only recently we were told how passenger numbers in both Rail and Bus were doing well. Instead of a pat on the back you are getting and axe in the back for all your hard work!

TSSA as a trade union has a responsibility to challenge any attempts to cut staffing levels or attempts to attack TSSA members’ terms and conditions under any guise.

We will be consulting widely with our membership on how we feel is the best way to fight and resist any attack on job security and terms and conditions for TSSA members.

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