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Joint Union Meeting with Bus Eireann

20 September 2012

Bus Eireann and all the trade Unions within the company met today in Dublin in an effort to try to move the process, regarding the Business recovery Plan.

 There were lengthy discussions around all issues on the agenda. The company outlined their current position both their proposals and the current financial situation. The company informed the Unions that the fuel bill would be an additional (2.9 million) Euro extra going into the New Year because of the rate of exchange between the Dollar and the Euro.

The Unions pointed out that the company had in the Unions view, shifted the “goalposts” concerning their first set of proposals, and pointed out that there was now confusion among all the Unions of what were now, the main proposals from the company.

The Chairperson adjourned the meeting several times to get clarification from the Unions and the company. The company put forward a proposal that would allow an independent financial specialist from the Unions to view the financial information regarding the makeup of the (9 million) euro in savings the company was requesting from all grades and groups.

All Unions pointed out to the Chairperson that the Unions were completely frustrated with the company and the manner of which the company was handling the process.

The company agreed to give the Unions the company’s full proposals and the costing and savings with each proposal. The next meeting is the 28/09/2012, and TSSA will update members after this meeting.   

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