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Joint Union Statement on TSSA/RMT Talks - No. 5

12 October 2011

"TSSA and RMT met again as planned on Tuesday, 11 October 2011 for further friendly and constructive talks concerning the democratic structures of our respective unions. Our talks focused on the workings of Annual Conferences, Executive Committees, Regional/Divisional and Branch structures. "

“It is clear that there are a number of similarities in the structures of both organisations for democratic accountability and also a number of areas were identified, which require further more detailed discussion. These areas include the shape, size and composition of the geographical structures to which branches will be attached; the respective roles of both the Annual Conference and the Executive Committee; and integrating both grades and equalities/diversity representation into democratic structures of a potential new merged union.

“We recognise that wider consultation will be required once these issues have been further explored.

“We intend to continue to meet and explore further the organisational and democratic questions raised by a potential merger between our unions, in line with the express decisions of our respective Executive Committees and Conferences. All developments will be reported to our respective union executives. In addition we will continue to agree joint statements to members, branches and activists.”

Gerry Doherty (TSSA) Bob Crow (RMT)

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