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Junior Doctors Strike

25 April 2016

Our unions Executive Committee is calling on TSSA activists and members to support the BMA and junior doctors in their dispute against the imposition of new contracts by the Government.

Negotiations between the BMA and NHS Employers for new consultants and junior doctors' contracts began in October 2013, the first time contract negotiations had taken place for 13 years. Now almost 30 months later junior doctors will be going on strike for 48-hours on Tuesday 26 April 2016 over the imposition of new contracts. Their union, the BMA, is also in the process of mounting a legal challenge in response to the decision by the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to unilaterally impose new employment contracts without the consent or agreement of junior doctors.

There are 54,000 junior doctors in England and Wales, 98% of whom have told the government that the new contract being imposed is UNSAFE AND UNFAIR.

At present hospitals are required to monitor every year how many hours our doctors are working to ensure patient safety. The new contract removes this requirement. At present, safety measures are in place monitoring the long days, nights and shift patterns doctors work. These are there for patient safety as well as doctors safety. They are being removed. The new contract redefines nights to include only those that finish after 2am and will force doctors who finished at, for example, 1.59am to return to work the same day.

How Can TSSA Members Help?

  • Get friends, family colleagues to bombard MPs with emails to support the doctors (
  • Post messages of support on Facebook & Twitter, write to the papers, call in to radio stations
  • SHOW your support. Join BMA picket lines at local hospitals and local demos and SHOW junior doctors that you support their cause!

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