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Justice at last for Elsenham victims & their families

25 November 2011

The TSSA rail union, which has been campaigning for a public inquiry into the suspected cover up at Elsenham, today welcomed the Office of Rail Regulation decision to prosecute Network Rail.

"I sincerely hope that the criminal trial brings some level of comfort and closure to the families of both Liv and Charlie," said union leader Manuel Cortes.

"They have suffered long years of anguish seeking truth and justice for their daughters and the full truth about just how lethally dangerous that level crossing really was. We now know that this anguish has been made much worse by the knowledge that the two girls would still be alive today if NR had acted on either of the two hidden reports which only came to light this year."

The two reports, which were not disclosed at the inquest in January 2007, called for the pedestrian gates at Elsenham to be automatically locked when a train approached or a bridge to be built over the unsafe crossing.

"The parents will want answers at the trial over why no action was taken by senior NR managers over these two reports and why they were then not disclosed later at the full inquest," added the union leader.

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