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Key Questions for Siemens Rail Automation’s Roadshows!

22 October 2013

TSSA believes that Siemens need to answer the following key questions about their proposals to change the staffs’ contracts of employment:

1.    Why is it necessary to ‘harmonise’ the terms and conditions of former Invensys staff?

2.    Is ‘harmonisation’ the right term? Should it not be ‘changing to conform with some existing Siemens contracts of employment’?

3.    Why does harmonisation mean accepting Siemens existing policies and practices, instead of developing new and better ones?

4.    Who has to agree to the proposed changes before they can be implemented?

5.    Why is the company not negotiating these changes with my trade union? Why has the company not convened a meeting of the negotiations sub-committee to discuss these changes?

6.    What parts of the former BR ‘Red Book’ conditions of service are ‘in scope’ to be changed as part of the proposed changes to contracts of employment?

7.    Why is it not possible to continue with Flexi Time?

8.    Why is sick pay being cut for staff with more than 6 months service?

9.    How does the proposed maternity policy affect women returning to work after taking maternity leave? How will they be worse off?

10. What proportion of the staff are aged between 16 and 21 years of age and will benefit from the proposed change in redundancy entitlements?

11. Given the company has stated that it intends to cut jobs, why is the company proposing to reduce redundancy entitlements for staff over 21 years of age?

12. Why is the company intending to move to performance related pay? What lessons have been learned from other employers that have done so (like Network Rail)?

13. How will the company ensure that it does not end up paying women less than men as a result of performance related pay?

14. How will the company ensure the any new job evaluation system is ‘equality proofed’ so as not to discriminate against women?

15. How will the proposed new Performance Management System be equality proofed to ensure that individuals are not discriminated against?

16. Why are overtime payments being withdrawn from some staff?

17. To what extent are the proposals linked to the future merger of Siemens Rail Automation with other existing parts of Siemens?

18. Is the company intending to change entitlements to travel facilities?

19. Is the company intending to make any further changes to pensions?


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