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Labour big hitters back TSSA candidate

16 January 2018

Clive Lewis MP and Lord Andrew Adonis will be speaking at a Labour campaign event about how to stop Brexit tonight.

‘Winning on Brexit, Winning for Labour’ has been organised by left wing activist Chris Clark, who is standing to be Labour candidate in the Cities of London & Westminster.

The event will take place this evening from 19:30 to 21:00 at the Seven Dials Club, 42 Earlham Street, London, WC2H 9HA

Lewis, who was reappointed to the Labour front bench last week after stepping down before the Parliamentary vote on Article 50, will be joining forces with Lord Adonis, who resigned as Chair of the National Infrastructure Commission in order to speak freely against the impact of Brexit.

Chris Clark, who’s organised the event, is a prominent member of the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association who works for Transport for London in the heart of the constituency.

Clark has run for Labour in the last three general elections, and was Trade Union Liaison Manager in Jeremy Corbyn’s 2017 General Election office team.

Chris Clark said:

“I believe Brexit is a mistake, and a Tory ‘hard Brexit’ must be stopped at all costs. I believe that there should be a second referendum on the terms of deal, with the option of rejecting Brexit.

However we must not tar all Leave voters with the same brush, when many were kicking against an unresponsive political elite that had failed to address the lack of housing, jobs and opportunities; where too many communities were held back.

“These problems were not caused by immigration. Nor can they be addressed by taking actions that shrink our economy.

“We need a plan, based on Labour's values and manifesto, to build the houses, create the jobs, invest in our public infrastructure and give those left behind communities a sense of hope.”

Tory MP Mark Field won a majority of 3,148 in 2017, but Clark believes his pro-Remain stance will prove attractive to Remainers who voted Green, Lib Dem or Tory last year, and will enable him to take the seat for Labour for the first time in its history.

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