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Labour Must Move Quickly Over New Brexit Stance

31 May 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has called on the Labour Party to "move quickly" to change policy on Brexit before the Conservative's elect a new leader.

Cortes has also repeated his call for a special conference to determine future Brexit policy.

Manuel Cortes said: “It's clear our country is deeply divided and polarised over Brexit. Sadly, our Party's policy based on appealing to both Remain and Leave voters on this issue has run its course.

“This isn’t just about our catastrophic results in the Euro elections but also a bad set of results in the recent local elections. There’s also no sign of recovery in Scotland where sadly we are going backwards.

“Be in no doubt, there simply won't be a Labour government without Labour winning a significant number of seats in Scotland. It’s also an inescapable fact that our ambiguous Brexit position has created a backlash across the rest of Britain.

“Our Party's National Executive Committee and our leadership now need to move very quickly to gauge the opinion of our wonderful members and put in place a Brexit policy which no longer tries to ride two horses at once.

“This must be put in place well before the Conservatives have a new leader.

“Letting our members decide our Brexit policy in a special conference is the honourable and democratic way forward on an era-defining issue; something which also allows our affiliated trade unions and our socialist societies to have their say.”

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