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Labour Must Stop No Deal Brexit and Campaign To Remain - Cortes

27 May 2019

In the light of "grim" results for Labour in the European Parliament elections TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has called for the Party to "leave no stone unturned to stop a no-deal Brexit" while campaigning "to give the British people a final say on any Brexit deal."

Manuel Cortes said: “I really welcome the reaction of our Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, to last night's grim results.

“He is right to say that we need a public vote to break the Brexit impasse. Of course we all want a general election and a Labour government too, but the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act makes toppling a government very difficult.

“We need to deal with this reality. Our Party must now unite and leave no stone unturned to stop a no-deal Brexit whilst also campaigning to give the British people the final say over any Brexit deal.

“Furthermore, when that public vote comes Labour must campaign with vigour for remain and reform.

“Doing this will put Brexit to bed once and for all and also give us the space to sell Jeremy Corbyn’s wonderful transformative For The Many agenda which is so badly needed by working people from John O'Groats to Land’s End.

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