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Bus Eireann update: Labour Court

25 January 2017

The Labour Court requested trade unions and the company to attend a meeting 24/01/2017.


This was not to discuss the proposals the company has put forward the last couple of weeks but rather for the Labour Court to establish why the company is asking for the courts intervention at this time.

As you are aware in December 2016 we went to the Labour court to submit a pay claim. This hearing was postponed as the company were not equipped to proceed with the hearing arguing that this was due to the financial situation of the company.

The labour court has advised that in the current environment that there is no viability in restarting the pay claim process from December 2016. It also advised that for the court to be involved in the current dispute it would be via the normal industrial relations practices of exhausting the negotiation process both locally and at the Workplace Relations Commission first.

In our view the normal industrial relations practices would involve negotiations without any preconditions. The company needs to withdraw the proposed cost cutting measures to allow the space for meaningful negotiations to take place.

It is clear now that we are beyond the standard industrial relations issues and it is crucial that all stakeholders via the NTA and department of transport step up and get involved.

We will be meeting with the other trade unions Thursday 26/01/2016 to discuss a strategy going forward.

We will keep members updated as we progress.

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