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Dublin Bus Pay: Labour Court Recommendation

20 July 2016

Please find attached a copy of the recommendation from the labour court on the issue of pay.


The court recommends pay increases as follows:

1 January 2016 – 2.75%

1January 2017 – 2.75%

1 January 2018 – 2.75%

The recommendation also makes provision for further productivity talks by grade to attempt further increases.

On the pensions issue the court is recommending to defer the pensionable aspect of the pay increase until January 2017.

We are disappointed that the court has chosen to defer the pensionable aspect for 6 months.

Please read the attached document to get a full understanding of the labour court recommendation. We will be consulting with your reps over the next few days.

\\\data\IRELAND\Dublin Bus Labour Court 2016 Pay

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