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Bus Eireann Pay Claim: Labour Court

7 December 2016

TSSA along with the other trade unions meet at the Labour Court 6/12/2016 to discuss the pay claim for staff at Bus Eireann.

It was with amazement and disappointment that we and the court were put in a situation where the company were not equipped to proceed with the hearing.

The company is arguing that due to the financial situation of the company and that it is drawing up a recovery plan for the company that it needs time before it can engage with the trade unions. The company indicated to the court that it believed that it should be able to engage by mid-end of January 2017.

You would all be aware by comments from the minister Shane Ross around the financial situation of the company. It is now time for the Department of Transport and NTA to engage directly with the trade unions around the issues facing the company in the interests of the workers and the travelling public

It has now been 8 years since members of the TSSA in Bus Eireann have had any pay increase. Indeed over this period the opposite has occurred with members in Bus Eireann having a reduction in pay and on other terms and conditions. It is important that in any talks going forward that we do not lose sight of this.

We will be talking with the other trade unions on how to best to respond to the situation we face.

We will keep members updated as we progress.


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