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Learning Organiser, Scotland (Vertex)

21 April 2011

The TSSA Learning Project created in partnership with Vertex at their Dingwall Brach in the Highlands of Scotland has continued to expand and generate an interest amongst Vertex employees who are looking to gain new qualifications either vocationally or non vocationally.

The introduction of courses such as Spanish, photography, supervisory management and customer care and focus and IT courses had a mass uptake with the workplace and proved to be extremely popular amongst most staff members of all ages.

Over the next few months I shall be:

- Reviewing the learning surveys and almost certainly setting up some computer skills training
- Meeting the key stakeholders in the project including the various colleges, Scottish TUC etc
- looking at setting up and implementing a learning newsletter and learning notice board to provide all employees with information of the courses that are available to them
- creating a union learning Facebook page for the Vertex Dingwall TSSA branch

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