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Letter from company of 4th September

4 September 2012

Dear Sirs,

Bus Eireann Business Recovery Plan 2012.

I refer to my letter of 31st August, 2012 concerning the above.

As you are aware, Bus Eireann was requested by the Labour Relations Commission to defer implementation of its Business Recovery Plan pending discussions with the Trade Unions representing the Clerical & Executive grades under the auspices of the LRC on Monday 3rd September last.

As outlined at the meeting on Monday last, Bus Eireann is facing serious challenges to each of its three main product lines, with a particular emphasis on Expressway.  To deal with this very difficult financial situation the Company prepared a Business Recovery Plan which involved continuing operational efficiencies, increased use of technology and changes to terms and conditions of employment.  Unfortunately, despite on-going efforts, our situation has not improved sufficiently. 

The Company has considered the views expressed by the parties at the LRC.  However, given the current serious financial situation, the successful implementation of the plan is vital to Bus Eireanns survival.  In order to maintain jobs and be in a better position to adapt to the ever changing environment Bus Eireann must now implement the Business Recovery Plan as and from Sunday 16th September, 2012.

Yours sincerely,

K.S. Bryan,
Employee Relations.

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