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Letter to comapny of 4th September

4 September 2012

4th September 2012
REF: Bus Eireann Business Recovery Plan 2012

Dear Sir
In reference to your letter to this office this afternoon 04/09/2012. Firstly let me point out that after discussions yesterday under auspices of the LRC, the company requested time to, and using the company terminology “to reflect on our position”. This office finds it implausible that time was spent actually “reflecting on your position”, if it was, then it is the opinion of this office, that time could have been spent in a more productive way, in planning a way forward out of this quagmire with the help of all the Unions concerned.

This office has just forwarded to the members of TSSA a circular informing them of a meeting yesterday, stating that the company would come back “after due diligence” regarding the present situation, and report their deliberations and suggestions to move the process forward. I also point out that the Unions also gave a commitment, that under the guidance and advice of the LRC, the Unions would respond in earnest.

The employees, ALL employees, since 2008 have given this company full flexibility and more in regards to working practice, terms and conditions, including a rare commodity not found often today called “loyalty”.

This Union has per custom and practice have excellent communications links with the company, and both parties have used these links in times of  impending dispute,  both local and national, to try and avert major industrial disputes or unrest.

The opinion of this office today is that the trust and goodwill given by ALL staff seems to have been thrown back into their face, and there does come a time when all endeavours and commitments, by one party is ignored and disregarded, that other means to protect (core)  hours, (core)  pay and benefits, must be viewed as the only alternative.
This office has now come to a view, that the company has not in the opinion of this office responded in the same manner and commitment as their employees, and has for a time latched on to the present and on-going national economic situation to portray the financial situation of this company in a doomsday situation, when in fact many employees have in recent times informed the company of savings and ways of increasing revenues, only to be ignored and knocked back.

As stated above the communication link which has until today been open to the company 24/7, will have to be viewed going forward as null and void, as the company seems now only to use it to communicate to this Union and other Unions to their own benefit. The practice of late, is to forward employees letters intended to the respective Unions before the full time officials have time to view, and in recent times the membership of the respective Unions has had these communications forwarded to them by the membership only to be followed up by the company  hours after the event.

TSSA will now draw the representatives and the negotiation teams for all grades together to discuss this issue, with the intent of gearing up to protect the interest of our members, there does come a time to say “enough is enough” and that time this Union is sorry to state has now come.

This office again will draw your attention to the mechanisms of the state and particularly to the LRC as a means, even in this late stage to move the process.

This office also must point out if the gate of opportunity, resolution and conciliation is again closed, it is the view of this office, that all parties are hurling to a place of the company’s choice and this Union will no “shirk” responsibly  in its’ response and protection of all members.

Jim Kavanagh


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