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Level 3 Update

14 December 2011

An update for TSSA members in Level 3


Level 3 update

TSSA has been in talks with Level 3 the purpose of this circular is to update you on where we are.


Level 3 discuss pay in the first quarter (Q1), the company have committed to talk to TSSA around pay in the first quarter. Your reps have made it clear that we would expect pay to be either backdated to your anniversary date or for you to be adequately compensated for the change in dates. Pay for our members in Level 3 remains a priority for TSSA.


Level 3 recently announced redundancies across Europe TSSA have had two meetings with HR. We have made real changes to the selection process to assist our members in getting the best chance of being offered a job. We have a firm commitment that a level of on the job training or job shadowing would be offered if you need to brush up on any areas that they are looking for within the job you are in a pool for.

We have also agreed that where the selection process cannot be guaranteed to be finished before Christmas it won’t be started. Level 3 will put people in post where there is only one person but where there is selection they will wait for the New Year.

Level 3 are not offering Voluntary redundancy however if you would like to leave TSSA would advise that you make your manager aware during the one 2 one discussion.

It is important that we work to recruit and expand TSSA in Level 3 to ensure that we cover as many people and have as much influence as possible within the company. If you sit next to a non-member recruit them today. You can now join online


TSSA will work with the company to lessen the impact of redundancies on our members. If you have any questions please contact your local rep. If you would like to become more involved in TSSA please email us

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