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Lib Dems Betray Rail Users With 20% Fares Hike

13 August 2013

Rail minister Norman Baker was personally accused today of betraying rail users after the latest fares increase brought rises to over 20% since the last election.

Placard carrying members of the TSSA rail union handed outleaflets outside the DfT in London reminding him of his manifesto pledge to CUT rail fares.

Union general secretary Manuel Cortes handed in a personal letter at the Westminster HQ urging the minister to set a  deadline for ending the annual inflation plus fare rises.

He reminded the Lib Dem that his leader, Nick Clegg, had already apologised to the nation's students for betraying them over his election pledge not to increase student fees.

"We don't any more crocodile tears from the likes of Nick Clegg," he said.

"What we want is an end to these crippling year in year out rail fare rises, starting in 2015 with a new formula, RPI minus 1 per cent."

"We already have the highest rail fares in Europe and we want a firm commitment from Norman to scrap the present formula of RPI plus 1 per cent."

Some of the union placards recalled the 50th anniversary of the Great Train Robbery saying:

"1963-2013; Lib Dems Wanted For Second Great Train Robbery".


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