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London Assembly Member slams TfL's 'callous' move

13 June 2014

Val Shawcross, London Assembly Labour Group Transport Spokeswoman has slammed the Mayor and TfLÂ’s plans to freeze pay and cut TfL staff pensions.

Val said, “This plan will lead to substantial cuts to staff members’ pay and the pension they receive. Coming at a time when most Londoners are facing a cost of living crisis, this is a callous move from TfL. With figures this week showing that the number of TfL staff earning over £100,000 has increased to 326, the fact that these senior managers continue to refuse to negotiate is quite extraordinary and comes as a bitter pill to swallow for these workers.

“Members of staff signed contracts with TfL that are not being honoured. Workers are being forced to accept lower pay now and a much reduced pension when they retire. This simply isn’t fair.

“Rather than negotiating in good faith and trying to find common ground, TfL’s senior management has refused to budge an inch. Londoners’ desperately need their Mayor – who chair’s TfL – to show some leadership and get a grip on this vital organisation.”


1. Val Shawcross is the Labour Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark.

2. Further details on TfL’s proposed changes to staff remuneration and pensions can be found here.


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