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London at a standstill - time for Boris to talk

6 February 2014

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said it was now time for the Mayor to "get serious" in the Tube dispute with 70% of the network at a standstill on day two of the 48-hour strike.

As only a skeleton service operated in central London, the union leader welcomed tomorrow's talks at ACAS over the planned closure of all ticket offices and the loss of nearly 1,000 jobs.
"We want no more stunts or PR baloney from Boris. No more talk of a secret army of volunteers marching to London's rescue.
"We want serious and detailed talks on our genuine fears for the safety and security of passengers and staff under these far reaching plans. If that happens, I believe we can reach a settlement that will avoid next week's 48-hour walkout."
He dismissed the Mayor's claim that there was "a good service" running on some lines as" pure fantasy".

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