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London Midland DTCM Productivity Update

5 September 2013

Your Company Council rep, Mark John, and I met with Ross Salt yesterday to discuss/negotiate your claim for additional productivity.

We discussed each element of your claim in detail, and we now have an understanding from the Company as to which elements of your claim they agree to being items of additional productivity Therefore, further negotiations will take place early October to determine what exactly the Company are prepared to offer.

There are still items of your claim that currently the Company disagree are items of additional productivity, but of course we do, so these need to be discussed again when we meet.

Overall, the meeting was positive. As with any productivity negotiations there are items you may want to sacrifice to be able to concentrate on the ones that will actually see a return. These will need to be discussed with your local reps, as only you as a group can make the decisions, it is your claim!

We also agreed that there are several processes that need to be re-defined and changed to make your roles easier and less stressful. Again, these will be discussed at local level for your input. There will, as part of this process be a new job description for DTCM’s that will be fully reflective of your “core duties”, again this is to be agreed at local level.

There will be a meeting on 26th September in Birmingham, where Mark and I will be able to go through in detail the items of productivity which the Company have so far agreed to, and what they have proposed as a potential resolution. It is essential local reps attend this meeting as they are the elected reps who decide on the next steps. (Exact location and times are to be finalised). TSSA DTCM members can also attend subject to availability and release.

Mark and I look forward to seeing you on 26th September.

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