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London Midland: Industrial action including strike action - Driver and Conductor Managagers

5 December 2011

Driver and Conductor Managers will be taking industrial action including strike action commencing this Friday 9th December 2011. The reason for this is the Company’s failure to make an acceptable offer on their pay and conditions.

TSSA held a referendum ballot of ALL management members over the Company’s offer of a 3.5% pay increase, but only Driver and Conductor managers rejected the offer. This then allowed us to hold a formal ballot of those members for industrial action. That formal ballot has now closed with an overwhelming mandate from Driver and Conductor Managers for industrial action.

Driver and Conductor Managers will be commencing industrial action both short of a strike and strike action this Friday 9th December 2011. I would ask ALL TSSA members to respect their colleague’s wishes to take industrial action, as they believe this is an issue worth fighting for.

ONLY Driver and Conductor Managers are eligible to undertake industrial action and will have legal protection for doing so. Anyone outside of the grades of Driver and Conductor Managers found to be taking sympathetic action of any kind will be subject to the Company’s discipline procedures, which could be dismissal and you will not have the legal protection from TSSA. Please see TSSA website for further information and guidance.

For further information see this circular.

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