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London Midland Management 2013 Pay Acceptence

3 September 2013

Following the recent referendum ballot for Management pay, the majority vote of the member’s was to accept the pay offer of a 3% increase to basic salaries.

Whilst the headline figure of 3% is attractive, and in the current climate is not too bad an offer, you as Managers are still way behind other grades year on year for salary increases. This will only change if you want it to!

I’m sure you’ll thank your staff reps, Susan Fisher and Pete Rose, for all their hard work and commitment which has ensured you were fully represented at this year’s pay talks. Without them, I’m confident you would have received less than the 3% which was finally offered.

If you require any additional information on this circular please contact your staff reps. Please speak to your colleagues about this circular and encourage them to join, the more members we have the stronger we are in the workplace. If any one wants to become a member please call the membership hotline on 020 7529 8018 or join on-line at

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