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London Midland Management 2013 Pay Award

7 August 2013

A full and final pay offer has been made by London Midland for all managers covered by TSSA’s collective bargaining agreement. Those managers with a 1st July pay anniversary date are affected by this, with the exception of Driver and Conductor Managers.

 Your staff reps, Susan Fisher and Pete Rose, compiled a pay claim on members behalf’s to address several issues affecting you, mainly pay and salaries.

Since the London Midland franchise began, Management staff have had the least % pay increases compared to other staff. This means other grade groups within the business have received in excess of a 20% wage increase since 2007!

TSSA believes managers are just as important to the success of the business as other grade groups are, and therefore should not receive less favourable salary increases and should also benefit from enhanced T&C’s. Sadly though, it seems London Midland do not share our view. The Company has yet again failed to reduce your working week/hours, put an end to unpaid overtime and have proposed a lower % increase to your salaries compared with other grades.

The pay offer is:

· A one-year deal of a flat 3% increase on basic salaries from 1st July 2013.

Your staff reps are disappointed with this offer as it still represents a lower % increase compared to what other grade groups received in April.

Attached is a referendum ballot for you to either accept or reject the company’s offer.

If you accept the 3% increase, please be aware that this will mean a further gap between your salary growths compared to others.

If you require any additional information on this circular please contact your staff reps. Please speak to your colleagues about this circular and encourage them to join, the more members we have the stronger we are in the workplace. If any one wants to become a member please call the membership hotline on 020 7529 8018 or join on-line at <

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