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London Midland Management Grade Pay Talks 2015

12 November 2015

Your TSSA reps met with the company on 10th November to discuss Management Grade pay for 2015. As you will be aware these discussion have took quite a while to organise following the outcome of the general grades pay talks.


The pay meeting initially discussed why such a long period had elapsed since the anniversary date of July until these talks were arranged. We then discussed the pay differential for Driver Managers and how this would tie into the settlement. It was agreed that we would need to carry out work to come to a clear understanding about the agreements that exist relating to the management grade collective bargaining group for pay, with specific reference to Driver Managers.

The meeting ended with both parties agreeing to locate further relevant paperwork to draw a conclusion to this issue and meet again on the 16th November.

It is unfortunate that we could not make further progress with the pay discussions, in particular given the length of time it has taken to organise the first meeting. However it is integral that we are confident on what groups are involved in the actual talks before negotiation begin properly.


I will update you following the next meeting on the 16th November, however if you would like to discuss or require further information please email me on or phone me on 07738486447.

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