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London Midland staff take a stand

31 March 2014

Duty Train Crew Managers (DTCMs) at London Midland have taken two weekends of strike action after the company failed to adequately respond to a productivity claim TSSA members submitted last May.


Staff at London Midland have delivered additional productivity, yet months of negotiations failed to produce a satisfactory offer. London Midland’s offer was rejected by members, who voted in favour of taking industrial action.

DTCMs have undertaken additional duties over and above their core roles, but the time has come where they are saying “enough is enough”. All this additional work is expected of them, but with no additional recompense.

Only last year London Midland awarded significant sums to drivers for added flexibility, but despite this being exactly what our members have been providing, the company seem to consider this to be worth nothing.

TSSA’s senior regional organiser, Tracy Wines, told the TSSA Journal, “Our members feel extremely let down by London Midland and can see they are being treated far less favourably than other grades within the business.

DTCMs are now working to rule and have taken strike action over two weekends. This will continue until such time as London Midland are prepared to come to the table to talk to us.”

She continued, “The strength of feeling amongst our members is incredible and only goes to show how united they are as a group and how determined they are to win a fair outcome.”

Disgracefully, members have been subjected to intimidation and harassment whilst taking strike action and working to rule. Tracy adds, “If only London Midland would put as much effort into resolving this dispute as they do bullying their staff!"

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