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London Midland Stress & Working Hours survey - Reminder

7 August 2013

London Midland: Stress and Working Hours Survey – last chance to take part


TSSA has produced a stress and working hour’s survey for all London Midland staff to complete. Your staff reps are concerned at the high level of stress in the workplace and the long additional hours a lot of you have to work, just to get the basic jobs done!

The purpose of this survey is for TSSA to get a better understanding of the issues that are affecting staff in the workplace. Once we have collated and analysed the data, we will then publish the results. Our aim is to present the data to London Midland so they too can understand the problems our members, their staff, are facing, and work with them to find solutions and better ways of working for our members.

Please help us to help you by completing a survey. All personal information will be treated in complete confidence and all surveys are returned to TSSA, so London Midland will never see them, only the analysed results will be given to the company.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, or indeed would like a copy of the survey to complete, please speak to your staff reps.

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