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London Midland TUPE talks update

14 November 2017

Report on the initial TUPE consultation meeting held on Friday 10 November 2017.


TSSA Organiser Director Steve Coe has expressed concerns about the provision by London Midland of information relating to the forthcoming transfer of staff to West Midlands Trains, the new Abellio owned franchisee. He also blasted the company for failing to let staff meet with representatives of the new company in work time.

Steve said "London Midland provided the union and its reps with next to no information prior to last Friday, when the first formal consultation meeting with both London Midland and West Midlands Trains was held.

"This meant that the reps had no information to discuss with their constituents prior to the meeting. Not only that, but it is clear that London Midland are being very uncooperative with the new franchisee, refusing paid time off to attend the road shows set up by them for staff.

"Failing to provide information to allow meaningful consultation is a potential breach of London Midland's legal obligations to consult on the transfer, and TSSA as always will not hesitate to pursue an award to staff should this state of affairs continue.

"The refusal to allow staff time off to meet their new employers will do nothing to reassure staff faced with the uncertainties of moving to a new company, and demonstrates a lack of professionalism on the part of London Midland. They have lost the franchise, and a 'sour grapes' approach to the transfer does them no credit.

"It is to the credit of West Midlands trains that they arranged to meet myself and TSSA Organiser Natalie Feeley on an informal basis the day before the formal meeting to have a constructive discussion about the transfer and their future plans."

West Midlands Trains has confirmed that at the point of transfer that they do not intend on making any changes to any of our members’ existing terms and conditions.

However, the new company has indicated a number of measures which will be taken post-transfer, and following proper and appropriate consultation with the appropriate trade unions and reps. These include:

* Head Office relocation

* Delay Repay work to be transferred to Scotland

* Outsourcing of the Service Quality Team

* The management of Wolverhampton Station

TSSA cannot provide you with more information since wehave not been supplied with either the minutes or the presentation slides from Friday's formal meeting - despite this being promised by London Midland!

Between now and the date of transfer your company level reps will be visiting as many of you as they can to seek your views and collate any queries or questions that you have about the forthcoming transfer.

Whilst there are currently no plans for a further formal consultation meeting, London Midland and West Midlands Trains have agreed to convene another meeting if required.

TSSA was very clear on Friday that we do not consider the TUPE consultation to be completed until our reps have had the opportunity to discuss all of the issues with our members. If you have any concerns at all, please ensure that you raise these with your reps at the earliest opportunity.

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