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London night-running needs real planning not press stunts

20 February 2015

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA rail union, said "Boris Johnson's publicity stunts are getting more and more desperate and deluded as he heads for the exit door at City Hall to become an MP on May 7 for Uxbridge.

"How he and George Osborne think they can dream up policies in Tory Central Office for the next Labour Mayor to follow when he or she is elected next year is beyond me.

"His Night Tube starting in September will lose millions and is not due to break even for another 18 years. And yet here he is, with another back of a fag packet publicity stunt, trying to get his picture in the London Evening Standard.

"He should resign as Mayor after the General Election so we can have a full time Mayor who does not regard the job simply as a series of photo opportunities."

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