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London Transport Museum Plans to Impose Pay Cuts

9 August 2016

It was with shock and disappointment that TSSA received notice from LTM and TfL of their intention to impose a new pay system for Bands 1-3 from 15 August. This action reneges on commitments made to TSSA and is a clear breach of the existing Framework Agreement.

TSSA and RMT have been engaged in ongoing discussions with TfL and LTM management regarding their proposals to create a separate bargaining arrangement for the Museum and to introduce a new pay system for staff in bands 1-3. Bands 4-5 are unaffected by these changes and remain within the TfL bargaining, pay and reward structures. Having met with members of LTM staff over the last two weeks we believe that the majority are unhappy with these proposals.

With your support we will continue to represent the interests of LTM staff; please take a few minutes to complete this survey to give us your views on the way forward and share the link with your colleagues:

LTM's current proposals will indefinitely freeze pay for the majority of existing LTM staff in bands 1-3, and will result in a massive cut to the pay of any agency CSA's recruited into permanent roles. Senior managers will be unaffected.

No conclusion or agreement has been reached within these talks, which have been taking place within the forum of the LTM Working Group, a sub-group of the Company Council, involving TSSA and RMT reps. A very clear agreement was reached at the TfL Company Council that this sub-group did not have decision-making authority, and that all matters discussed would be referred back to the Company Council for consideration.

TSSA has written to TfL and LTM, indicating that we are now in dispute with them regarding LTM pay. A copy of our letter can be found here:   TSSA Letter to LTM

We have formally called upon LTM and TfL to:

- withdraw their plans to impose a new pay system
- convene an extraordinary meeting of the Company Council to discuss LTM
- hold a joint LTM management and union meeting for all staff to discuss pay
- provide individual staff members (including agency) with specific details of how these proposals will impact upon their pay and reward.

We have yet to receive a satisfactory response from LTM and TfL, and will keep you fully updated on any developments.

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