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London Underground The Olympic Countdown - 92 days but No Bonus agreement

26 April 2012

For the last couple of months talks have taken place over Olympic bonus payments for staff working during the games period (Olympics and Paralympics) but with only 92 days remaining before the opening ceremony, we are still no closer to reaching a final agreement.


LU had previously tabled their offer at the Olympic Reward and Recognition Forum which was made up in two parts 1) £400 lump sum payment and 2) £100 CSS bonus, set against a reduced satisfaction score of 78 points. At first, the offer applied to operational staff only, but it was later conceded to extend to non-operational staff. Nonetheless, the offer was rejected as the levels of flexibility LU sought, far outweighed their offer of payment.

This led to talks to being held under the auspices of ACAS where an improved offer was tabled. In return for each Functional council area agreeing to changes within their framework agreements for the games period only, a one off lump sum payment of £350 would be paid to all operational staff in:

  • APD
  • Stations and Revenue Control
  • Service Control including Duty Reliability Managers
  • Operational Managers in COO and APD, including Network Operational Learning Trainers.

This payment is in addition to the £500 (£20 per shift), paid in recognition of flexibility and attendance during the period of the Olympics and Paralympics.

At a meeting held with the TSSA reps in March, the offer was again rejected. Primarily, because LU subsequently issued a flexibility matrix which was not discussed at ACAS talks and exceeded the boundaries. In short, the unions commonly referred to it as the Martini doc, ‘anytime, anywhere, any place’.

At the next round of talks held at ACAS, TSSA submitted written terms of reference, making clear the barriers to reaching any agreement.

It was agreed that TSSA would enter into discussions surrounding the parameters with the relevant functional grade groups but that no agreement would be reached unless LU agreed to the following terms:

1) The flexibility document (Martini doc) was confirmed as withdrawn

2) There will be no compulsory working surrounding any additional/overtime work.

3) That the offer of payment will include those staff within non-operational grades i.e. Administrative, Support Managers and Managers within grades G-J

Points 1) and 2) were agreed in principle but LU stated that the latter would need to be taken to their board of directors. Both ASLEF and UNITE have agreed LU’s offer and TSSA is waiting for a formal response to the latter. I am aware that RMT have continued to meet at ACAS as they do not agree to any temporary change within the framework agreements but sought an offer of payment equal to the train operators but without agreeing flexibility.

Upon written confirmation received from LU, TSSA will be arranging for release of all reps to attend a meeting to determine our response.

So what can you do to help?

· Make direct contact with your TSSA functional council representatives to provide feedback and receive updates. Email:

Stations and Revenue -John Knowles ( Doug Blundell ( Jason Gerard ( Lenah Satih (

Service Control – Jason Turvey (

MATS - Jim Whyte ( Mary Williamson (

· Ask non-members to join TSSA on line

· Contact TSSA help desk for help and advice 0800 328 2673

· Attend your TSSA branch meeting and or Divisional Council meeting

· Check TSSA web site for updates

· Contact your regional organising team to get more involved

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