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London Underground - ACAS talks ground to a halt and the strike is on

3 February 2014

After nearly 2 weeks in ACAS the talks have finally ended with no resolution, leaving TSSA no option but to proceed with the industrial action commencing at 2100hrs tomorrow on the Underground


This is a sad state of affairs (and not one of TSSA’s making) but our legitimate proposals to protect our members, the safety of passengers, and the first class service offered to customers have fallen on deaf ears in talks at ACAS! The company have offered virtually no concessions, and with little but empty words on any movement in stopping their draconian job cuts programme, and they have spent 2 weeks with a repeat button on how they need to CUT CUT CUT in the name of technology.

It is now over to our members to ensure we make this industrial action as strong as possible, to ensure the company get back round the table and stop playing lip service to our representations

Industrial action details:

Strike action

We are asking members not to book on for any shifts that commence between:

· 21:00 hours on Tuesday 04 February 2014 until 20:59 hours on Thursday 06 February 2014

· 21:00 hours on Tuesday 11 February 2014 until 20:59 on Thursday 13 February 2014.

The following grades are affected:

CSA, CSA (SRT), CSA Multi-functional, Duty Reliability Managers, Duty Station Managers, GSM's Assistant, Network Operations Controller, Network Operations Manager, Revenue Control Inspector, Service Competence Assurance Controller, Service Controller, Service Manager, Service Operator, SSMF Station Supervisor Multifunctional, Station Control Room Assistant, Station Supervisor

Action short of strike

In addition, we are asking all station grades members, RCIs, admin grades and Duty Station Managers to commence an overtime and rest day working ban with effect from 21:00 on 04 February 2014 until further notice.

All LU station grades members are instructed not to carry out any revenue duties:

· Between 09:30 hours and 11:30 hours and 18:30 hours and 20:30 hours on Friday 07 February 2014

· Between 09:30 hours and 11:30 hours and 18:30 hours and 20:30 hours on Monday 10 February 2014

· Between 09:30 hours and 11:30 hours and 18:30 hours and 20:30 hours on Friday 14 February 2014

· Better London Transport

· TSSA’s campaign for a quality public transport service in London is gathering momentum. We have already gained support from a diverse range of community and passenger groups and the Labour Party. You can take part in a number of actions, online and in person. To find out more, visit:

TSSA – United We Stand and we will not be divided!

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