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London Underground Ballot Opens: Vote YES for Action

17 June 2015

TSSA is balloting members at London Underground for strike action and action short of strike. This is a co-ordinated, joint union approach, involving ASLEF, RMT, TSSA and Unite. All of the LU unions have met together with Unite, the London bus drivers union, to plan co-ordinated action. Ballot papers will be sent out on Thursday, 18 June and should reach you by the weekend. The ballot closes at 12 noon on Tuesday, 30 June. A strong YES vote in this ballot is crucial to all staff in London Underground; without it, LUL management will get their way and will fundamentally undermine existing working practices and reverse positive gains to LUL terms and conditions of employment made over the last 50-60 years.

Download the latest TSSA LU Newsletter here:   TSSA LU Newsletter - 17 June


After more than 4 months of pay talks we are getting nowhere. On 17 June LU CCO, Steve Griffiths, stated that London Underground had offered the unions a series of dates to get back around the table and into negotiations. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. No further dates have been offered since we met with London Underground last week. LUL management are not interested in listening or talking to staff, and at recent ACAS talks their representatives - including Steve Griffiths - met with the unions for only 15 minutes over two days. This marks a new approach from a new management team who are intent upon attacking the pay and conditions of LUL staff. Starting rates of pay have already been cut; now they want to attack existing rates of pay.

The 0.75% currently on the table at LUL is a real terms cut in pay, whilst the cost of living in London and the South East is far higher than the rest of the country. Other train operators, including DLR, have been between 2.0-2.5% this year, and action by TSSA and RMT in Network Rail – another publicly-owned service – resulted in a revised pay offer of 2% for this year and RPI-linked for next year. LUL staff have made massive improvements in their productivity in recent years and deserve recognition and a decent pay rise. For staff taking VS, this pay deal will impact directly and significantly on the value of your final settlement amount and the value of your pension for years to come.

We have already seen attacks on pay and conditions in TfL, where management have imposed a new pay system which indefinitely freezes the pay and pensions of longer serving staff, and awards below inflation increases to all but the chosen few and a few senior managers and Directors. Have not doubt; if we do not stand up to LU management, they will do the same to us. Only by standing together, and taking action alongside our colleagues in other unions, can we bring LU management back to the table for meaningful negotiations on pay, terms and conditions.


LUL’s new Framework for deployment of station staff tears up the existing agreement, and proposes a significant worsening of current working practices, including:

  • A change can be made to your duties at 24 hours notice.

  • 30 minute travel time guarantee is ABOLISHED. Instead, there is a 45 minute maximum travel time from the mid-point of the group.

  • Higher grade working with no extra payments.

  • Staff who do not give 24 hours notice that they are unable to undertake planned overtime will be barred from further overtime for 28 days.

  • Minimum period in which two consecutive shifts, totalling a maximum 18 hours, can be worked is halved, from 28 to 14 days.

  • No provision for the 12 weekly cycle.

A copy of the new Framework for stations proposed by London Underground can be viewed at the following link:

LUL is currently refusing to acknowledge or negotiate on changes to Framework agreements for MATS and Service Control, and is trying to impose changes to working practices to implement from Night Tube and FFTFS. We believe that LU is committed to a wholesale attack on existing agreements and working practices for all of our members across London Underground.


Whilst we don’t oppose Night Tube in principle, your TSSA reps believe that LUL is currently entirely unprepared for implementation in September. Their current proposals will pose a threat to the safety of staff and travelling public alike.

LUL management also need to recognise that changes to working practices, terms and conditions must be negotiated with the trades unions and NOT imposed. The non-pensionable, one-off payments for the implementation of Night Tube are an insult to staff, as are their attempts to force a ‘no strike’ deal and prevent staff from making any further claims for allowances or pay over the next two years.

LUL’s approach to Night Tube and Fit for the Future Stations shows nothing but contempt for their committed and hard-working workforce. By standing together with our colleagues in the other 3 recognised unions we can protect our jobs, our terms and conditions of employment and get a fair pay rise.


The Government plans to restrict the ability of trade union members to take industrial action by introducing a minimum turnout and YES vote in ballots. If implemented, their proposals would mean that a ballot for industrial action would need twice as much support as the support received by the current government in the last election.

Whilst we completely oppose these proposals, it is essential that we show strength and get a high turnout and a strong YES vote in this ballot. Anything else will be an opportunity and an excuse for LUL to intensify their attack on staff pay, terms and conditions.

To ensure that you get a ballot paper and an opportunity to vote, we need you to check that we have your correct details on our membership system.

Check and update your details online at:

Or update your contact details by email:

Key information to provide: Name, Home Address, Job Title, Workplace, Grade, Email Address, Mobile Phone No. and Membership Number (if known)



If you do not receive a ballot paper by Monday, 22 June, please urgently contact the TSSA Helpdesk: or tel. 0800 328 2673

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