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London Underground Election Results

10 July 2018

The outcomes of the elections for all level two functional reps positions have now been declared by Electoral Reform Services as follows :

Met 454 Branch


Hemant Patel has been elected for a three year term and Felix Matthew-Brown for a two year term.

Health & Safety

Yogesh Pankhania has been elected for a three year term for the stations position and David Morgan was elected unopposed for the RCI position for a term of two years


Underground No1 Branch


Mary Anastasiou and Abdel Zaki were both elected unopposed. Mary will serve a three year term and Abdel a two year term.

Health & Safety

Ashok Modgill has been elected for a three year term and Peter Starbuck for a two year term.


LU MATS & Operating Managers Branch


Malcolm Bate, Dinesh Bhardwa, Amanda Bunnage, Jason Turvey and Alan Wood were elected unopposed.

Health & Safety

Dinesh Bhardwa and Terry McEwen were elected unopposed and there will be a future call for nominations for the remaining vacancies.


Congratulations to all of those elected and a big thank you to all members who participated in the election as a candidate and/or through exercising their right to nominate or vote.

All of those members who have been elected will take up their positions in the first week in August and London Underground will be informed accordingly. This short time lag will allow for a series of one to one meetings with the relevant TSSA paid Organiser for all level two reps to discuss the expectations and requirements of the roles to which they, as your reps, have been elected and any necessary development and support needs that might need to be addressed. This will be followed by an early meeting of all of the elected reps to discuss and agree how team TSSA will work together going forward and on what priorities.

Please note that the two-year term of office has been introduced by the EC to stagger elections going forward. This means that from 2020 all elections will be for three-year terms and there will be elections in to out of every three years.


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