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London Underground Functional Rep Elections

12 June 2018

Nominations have closed for all level two functional reps positions with the following outcomes


Met 454 Branch


Health & Safety

There will be an election for two positions involving:

· Felix Matthew Brown

· Hemant Patel

· Cadene Thomas

There will be an election for one stations position involving:

· Femi Adeusi

· Michael Doherty

· Yogesh Pankhania

David Morgan is elected unopposed for the RCI position


Underground No1 Branch


Health & Safety

Mary Anastasiou and Abdel Zaki were both elected unopposed

There will be an election for two positions involving:

· Clive Leaper

· Ashok Modgill

· Peter Starbuck


LU MATS & Operating Managers Branch


Health & Safety

The following were elected unopposed

· Malcolm Bate

· Dinesh Bhardwa

· Amanda Bunnage

· Jason Turvey

· Alan Wood

Dinesh Bhardwa and Terry McEwen were elected unopposed and there will be a future call for nominations for the remaining vacancies.


Electoral Reform Services have been appointed by our union to manage each of the necessary elections on our behalf. Members in the two branches will have the opportunity to vote either by post or online in the elections relevant to their particular TSSA Branch and how they use their vote regardless of the method of voting will remain confidential

Copies of the election statements provided by each of the candidates nominated, where provided, are available below, and the relevant statements will also be circulated to members with voting papers.

Voting closes on 05 July and an email will be sent to all members involved in the election on Friday 06 July announcing the outcome of all the elections.

It is important that membership details are up to date in order to ensure that members are able to participate fully in the election process to determine their TSSA. Branches are asked to encourage representatives across all workplaces to engage with members and get them to check the details we hold on our membership record are correct. To do this ask them to either:

· Log in to MyTSSA at


· Contact our Membership team via

Election Statements

Met 454 Branch

Election Statement

Name: Felix Matthew-Brown

Position: Industrial Relations (Level 2) Representative

To all TSSA members I am seeking your support in this election for the Stations and Revenue Functional Council representative position. We continue to go through the biggest series of changes since the ‘company plan’ of ’93 and it is now as important as ever that we have the right representation with the knowledge and experience to secure the best possible outcome for members.

Over the next few months we still have significant challenges ahead of us, and whilst some things are bound to take priority here are just some of the issues I wish to address...

  • Staffing levels, grades and responsibilities.
  • Increase and severity of assaults on staff.
  • Centralisation of our station administration teams.
  • Uniform, quality, durability and availability.
  • Promotional ladder, development and opportunities.
  • … and lets not forget the new pay deal.

From Metroline Travel (Buses) I joined London Underground and the Willesden Green group as a Reserve SA in 2001, and became the local TSSA Industrial representative in 2002. I became a Reserve SAMF at the end of 2002 and an SSMF at Willesden Green in 2003, before returning to the Reserve as an SS2 in 2004, and then become a CSM2 on the Swiss Cottage Area in what appears to have been just another step of reorganisation.

I have been a TSSA member since I joined London Underground, but have been more actively involved in the branch in the last ten years, including organising, co-ordinating and supporting industrial action. I have represented the branch at the last seven Annual Conferences and attended four National Representative Training Seminars. I rarely miss a branch meeting and have been the branch Financial Secretary for six years. I have represented TSSA members at Functional level previously and at ACAS several times.

If elected I will continue...

  • my professional working relationship with management.
  • to support members in individual cases and collective issues.
  • fight for the best possible rosters, terms and conditions.
  • to be approachable, available and honest with members.
  • to consult and inform members on issues that affect them.
  • to challenge any unfair and/or unwarranted treatment.

Please use your vote to support me in this election that I may continue to use my knowledge and experience to support members across London Underground, more changes are coming and we need to be ready for the challenges ahead.

Vote: Felix Matthew-Brown for Stations & Revenue Functional Council representative.


Election Statement

Name: Hemant Patel

Position: Industrial Relations (Level 2) Representative


Vote H Patel For TSSA Full Time Functional

Dear Valued Members,

Many of you know me by my initial “H”.

I have been a local rep for the Harrow on the Hill group for years and a functional rep for the last 2 terms where you have supported me as your rep. Once again, I am seeking your support and vote.

In my last statement I stated that we all have the right to employment without a fear of termination and free from harassment & bullying. I have demonstrated this at local and functional level time and again. If you give me another term, I will continue this fight.

We the members are united against cuts and attacks on our working conditions. I will be the strong voice driven by you the members.

I believe that I have the right knowledge and experience required for this role. I will ensure our voice will be heard at every level.

During my time as full time functional Rep I have delivered

• A shorter working week and OSP.

• Rosters and BNS, providing a better work life balance.

• Many grievances, CDIs, and case conferences.

• A successful pay negotiation in 2014.

• A FftFs program where I have fought hard to achieve a deal for the current members and for the future generation by securing various agreements against all odds.

• I clawed back the 325 jobs and held management to account for their implementation.

• Improvement in the CSA2 pay and guaranteed secured CSA1 progression for those CSA2s.

I hope this will enable me to win your vote.


Election Statement

Name: Cadene Thomas

Position: Industrial Relations (Level 2) Representative

My name is Cadene Thomas (Kay) and I have worked for London Underground for the past 11 years.

I became a TSSA local representative as I wanted to help, guide and advise other members, I wanted to give a voice to us station workers, I'm a form believer in standing up for workers rights and I believe in what TSSA stands for, they are inclusive and diverse whatever your background to all grades.

Coming from a strong working class Caribbean single parent, my mother taught me to always stand up for myself and to stand up for others who are not as confrontational or vocal.

I am currently the local representative for the Bakerloo Line South Group, I played a big role in helping to add more staff to the rosters whilst working at Oxford Circus and my previous station Seven Sisters. I was able to increase The CSA 1 roster at Oxford Circus with the data I gathered to show where ‘Fit for the Future’ gave us huge gaps, it was unworkable and dangerous, so from 2016, we went from a 34 manned CSA 1 roster to where we now. In March a 40 week CSA1 roster will be implemented due to my diligence, hard work and never giving up, it was a constant battle with all concerned but one that benefits staff and our members for years to come.

I am always visible, approachable and contactable to all my members allowing them to feel comfortable to contact me in regards to issues/concerns/questions they may have.

I like to be honest in all situations and my members respect me for that and believe in me to get the best results for them.

If elected as Functional Rep, I would be able to reach out to more colleagues within TfL to become members and to enlighten them on how the new generation of TSSA will be improving the protection they currently have. I pride myself on updating my members through WhatsApp groups and I ensure that all current events and issues are raised by all means of technology.

If you want a voice to fight your case then please use your vote on me.

Election Statement

Name: Femi Adeusi

Position: Health & Safety (Level 2) Representative

No Statement received

Election Statement

Name: Michael Doherty

Position: Health & Safety (Level 2) Representative

Dear Colleagues

I am asking for your support in the forthcoming Level Two Health and Safety election.

Having worked for TFL in various roles and location across the company I have used my contacts from the TFL Commissioner , Directors, Heads of Depts and front line staff to influence and bring about real change and benefits for all grades across the network.

I am asking now for your support during these challenging times for all of us to ensure we receive the best possible outcome and protect our working environment and our livelihoods.

I will hold management accountable and seek the best deal for all members.

Best wishes

Michael Doherty

TSSA H&S Rep Bakerloo South Group

Customer Service Manager Oxford Circus Station

Election Statement

Name: Yogesh Pankhania

Position: Health & Safety (Level 2) Representative

Yogesh Pankhania CSS2 Uxbridge Area

I believe that you have the right to work in a safe environment that does not jeopardise your personal health and safety now or in the future and I will stand firm in delivering this for you and all our members.


I have been an H&S rep for 12 years, completing all H&S courses which range from the H&S Stages 1, 2 and 3 and studying NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational H&S to degree level. This qualification enhances the holders’ knowledge and enables me to advise you on the legalities of health and safety, which in turn protects you.

Well qualified H&S reps will be an invaluable post when it will become vital to identify and challenge any future practices that undermine your safety in the workplace.

Health & Safety Experience

  • Stations & Revenue Safety Council member
  • Leading for TSSA on safety for the 2012 Olympics
  • Leading for TSSA on Health Wellbeing and Improvement program
  • Leading for TSSA on Workplace Violence Working Group
  • Council member on Crossrail
  • Strategy and Development Sub Committee member
  • Research in Cancer for Station Workers
  • Undertook several Formal Investigations including Parsons Green
  • Part of the team at ACAS in the successful recruitment of the extra 325 staff after FftF stations

Branch Experience

  • Branch Secretary
  • Branch Auditor
  • Branch Officer

Promoting TSSA

  • Increased membership in my Area
  • TSSA Conference delegate
  • Leading organiser of 2008 Ticket Office closures campaign
  • Leading organiser of 2010 OSP dispute
  • Organiser for the recent FftF dispute

I respectfully seek your support in this election


Underground No1 Branch

Election Statement

Name: Clive Leaper

Position: Health & Safety (Level 2) Representative

My name is Clive Leaper, I’m 54 years old, and I’m a CSS1 at Notting Hill Gate stn. I’ve been a local Health and Safety rep for 16 years. The majority of this time has been working at stations on the Central Line West / Greenford group. Prior to joining London Underground I was working in ticket offices firstly as British Rail then subsequently post privatisation for Silverlink trains. I joined TSSA in 1986 as I felt they represented my interests, I liked their stance on issues that affected me and my colleagues. I believed then, and still do, that the more moderate, negotiating position reflected my philosophy of working together to achieve results in most cases. I have fully supported our campaigns and efforts over the years to maintain and improve conditions to create a safe workplace.

I’ve completed the stage 1 and 2 Health and Safety courses run by the Workers Education Association for trade union reps and also successfully completed the higher level diploma course finishing it with honours.

I’ve attended the TSSA safety reps conference at Sheffield where delegates from across the rail network discussed a range of issues and shared best practice. I’ve represented the union at Formal Investigations most recently with the dragging incident at Notting Hill but also going back many years to the derailment at White City. I’ve worked with many people within the company at all levels and always conducted myself to my best ability knowing I am representing the union to them. I have also worked alongside the emergency services, council officers and civil servants at joint table top exercises over the years. As a staunch trade unionist, I listen to my sister unions and take advice from the TUC.

Outside of the job I’ve benefited from the experiences gained through my voluntary/community work. I was a school governor for 4 years, a youth football club welfare officer for 5 years and secretary of a supporters club for 7. The skills developed help me in day to day working on the underground.

If I were to be elected as a functional rep I would look to build on the great work that our union plays in making the workplace as safe a place to work as possible.

Election Statement

Name: Ashok Modgill

Position: Health & Safety (Level 2) Representative

My name is Ashok Modgill. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Tier 2 representative on the Stations and Revenue Health and Safety Council for the past 18 months. I am standing for re-election and ask for your support.

I am a Customer Service Manager at Bond Street having worked for London Underground for over 40 years in various stations and trains grades. I am a strong believer in trade unions and have been a long time trade unionist. I am currently the branch secretary for TSSA Underground No. 1 branch.

In my time with London Underground I have seen many changes but nothing compares to the drastic transformation which is threatening the livelihood of our members. The company’s new operating model has proved to be a disaster and does not work. There are serious safety issues which are being ignored. Station staff are not properly trained and we have situations where unlicensed staff are being rostered in locations which should be operating with suitably safety critical trained personnel. There is also an increase in lone working which is impacting on the health and safety of our members.

The next few years are going to be tougher and we are likely to see more changes and cut backs. At this challenging time we need level headed representatives to fight for our members’ working conditions. I believe I have the experience, skill and knowledge to continue this fight and stand up for our members.

My pledges to you

  • I will continue to fight for a better and safe working environment for our members
  • I will put our members interests first
  • I aim to improve communication between the Safety council and members
  • I will work closely with Tier 1 Reps to deal with local Health & Safety issues
  • I will share knowledge and assist new Reps in carrying out their duties

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Election Statement

Name: Peter Starbuck

Position: Health & Safety (Level 2) Representative

I have been a TSSA member since 2001. Since 2002 I have held the positions of: local industrial rep, local H&S rep (current)on the east end of the Central Line; Functional council rep and Tier 2 H&S rep, staffside chair of safety council (Current).

First of all I would like to urge you to use your vote. Your vote is important and as a member of TSSA, it is your voice that counts. Make sure your voice is heard and cast your vote.

Over the last seventeen years we have undergone many changes on the frontline of LUL, the most recent being the fit for nothing programme. With the support and backing of a strong membership, senior functional council and safety council reps were able to win many concessions from the company prior to implementation, even if we were not able to stop it. The fight to maintain and protect the safety standards, which are every person’s right by law, continues however. The company is slowly chipping away at them on a weekly basis: increases in attempts to dumb down the rule book, attempts to change HOT procedure, down grading of training, reduction in facilities, even the attempt to remove drinking water from frontline staff! Since joining the tier 2 council, I have forged strong, working relationships with our sister unions, across all functions and good, professional relationships with senior managers across all areas of the business. I believe these relationships are vital in order to better take our battles forward. I hope to continue using them to the advantage of all TSSA members.

If re-elected to the tier 2 safety council, I will continue the battles already begun, including: better rostering for staff, taking greater consideration of the impacts of fatigue; more awareness of members rights under both H&S legislation and the company’s own standards; a more open and informed group of local H&S reps and membership, more able to act both collectively and independently; making sure the concerns of members are heard at the most senior and appropriate levels and acted upon with positive outcomes. All our members have the right to expect to work in an environment which is as safe as possible. It has been my privilege to take your concerns forward and have them heard and respected accordingly. With your vote and support I hope to continue doing just that.

Thank You.

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