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London Underground: Get ready for strike action on 5/6 August

27 July 2015

LUL management are at last participating in talks at ACAS, but remain unwilling to listen to the views of their staff or to negotiate on key aspects of the dispute. Consequently, a further week of talks achieved little progress on Pay & Night Tube or Fit for the Future Stations.

LUL' s current pay offer falls well below the current going rate in the industry, and means in effect that they want to introduce Night Tube for next to nothing.

Their proposals for Night Tube and FftFS not only constitute a fundamental attack on working practices - undermining negotiated Framework agreements - but represent an attempt to dismantle the collective bargaining machinery which protects our pay, terms and conditions.

TSSA, alongside ASLEF, RMT and Unite, have called a further 24 hour strike starting at 18.30 on Wednesday, 5 August. We will be serving LUL with formal notice of our strike action later this week.

The overtime ban by all recognised unions remains in place and continues to put pressure of LUL. Only by standing together and taking action will we acheive a fair deal for all LUL staff.

Fit for the Future Stations (ticket office closures and job cuts)

Three days of ‘talks’ at ACAS about Fit for the Future Stations have ended without any significant progress being made. ACAS opened with LU stating that consultation station staff numbers on this had “reached the end of the road” and that there would be no further increase in the proposed headcount/staffing levels in stations to be implemented from February 2016. All unions made it clear that we do not agree that no further increase in headcount is required. TSSA has serious H&S concerns, particularly around minimum staffing levels in stations and LU’s plans for rosters from February.

The trades union side made it clear that we were not prepared to agree to a worsening of the working practices and terms and conditions of station staff. With that in mind, we asked LU management team, led by Pat Hansberry, for assurances on the following key areas:

  1. That there will be a review of overall station staffing numbers with a commitment to restoring jobs as required

  2. Negotiation on the Framework and Transfer & Promotion Procedures, with guarantees that the following would remain in place:
    - no requirement to work beyond cover group
    - 28 days notice of duties as a minimum
    - Nomination rights to remain and paid Higher Grade Working
    - Fixed rest days in cover weeks

  3. No increase in the ratio of night or weekend duties as compared to existing local rosters

  4. Guarantees on displacements

  5. Assurances that staff on fixed term contracts would be made permanent

LU were unwilling to give commitments on any of the above, and restated their position that there would be no further increase in staffing numbers.

In an attempt to further talks, the unions invited LU management to give details of how their revised roster proposals might meet some of our requirements and assurances. LU gave a presentation that made it clear that their proposals are not compatiable with the existing Framework Agreement for Stations. They have cut station staff numbers by so much that they can only go forward by forcing staff to work ‘more flexibly’; including giving staff shorter notice periods, staff having to work beyond cover groups, fewer weekends and long weekends, unpaid Higher Grade Working.

Pay and Night Tube

All trades clearly stated our position:

  • 2% base pay increase is the going rate for the industry and a minimum expectation

  • An additional consolidated payment in recognition of Night Tube, payable to all LU staff

  • Consideration of any interim or specific impact on particular groups of workers and how they will be compensated

  • Any changes to working practices require negotiated and agreed changes Framework Agreements, i.e. working practices, the outcome of which will affect the above

  • Above inflation increases in subsequent years of a multi-year deal

All unions requested that LU make clear a revised offer in writing before or at the start of further pay talks which will take place next Tuesday, 28 July.

In response, LU stated that there was no further money available, that there would be no agreement to a 32 hour week and no additional time off in return for Night Tube working.

The unions advised LU and ACAS that the previous offer from LU provides no basis for a deal on pay and Night Tube.

TSSA - United We Stand and We Will Not Be Divided!



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