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London Underground: latest update on talks

11 September 2015

Following the suspension of strike action, talks on FftFS have conitinued and pay talks are set to resume at ACAS next week.

Fit for the Future Stations

Progress has been made on rosters. In particular, LU management have made the following commitments:

  • Existing full-time CSAs will not be required to work more nights
  • Steps will be taken to ensure that new rosters are comparable to existing roster patterns, particularly in relation to rest days and long weekends
  • Existing arrangements for notice of cover weeks will remain in place, and cover weeks will be in 3 or 4 week blocks

Proposed new rosters to be implemented from February 2016 will be published to the FftFS Working Group next week, prior to circulation and consultation with staff and local reps.

However, negotiations are ongoing in a range of key areas, including higher grade working, LU's proposals to change the Transfer and Promotion Policy and importantly, health & safety concerns. TSSA remains committed to achieving a fair deal for our members and we will keep you fully informed of any further developments.

Pay and Night Tube

The decision by LU to postpone the launch of Night Tube vindicates the assertion by TSSA and other trades unions that much more work is necessary to make implementation safe for staff and passengers alike.

Agreement on the terms of Night Tube has yet to be reached in key areas, including Service Control and Train Operations, and these talks will restart on Tuesday, 15 September at ACAS.

TSSA is also keen to make progress on reaching a fair deal on pay and we will keep you updated of the outcome of next week's talks.

The progress that we have made so far in this long dispute aremade possible only by the strength and unity demonstrated by TSSA and other trade union members in London Underground.

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