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London Underground Olympic deal agreed

31 July 2012

At a meeting held with TSSA’s elected reps on 28 May to discuss the Olympic Reward and Recognition payments, the meeting motioned a vote following lengthy debate. Whilst, the outcome did not endorse TSSA’s final agreement, it was collectively agreed that TSSA’s position should remain as an agreement in principle only, subject to further representations and LU’s response.


Subsequently, TSSA wrote to LU on 30 May requesting an early meeting to discuss some remaining issues surrounding ICSA’s and competency based training, SRT and the adopted process for familiarisation of stations as well as volunteer staff being utilised at gate lines and on platforms for crowd control. Safety implications are our core concerns and assurances were required that all safety standards were being met. Unfortunately, LU was slow to respond in facilitating talks in this regard and we did not meet until 19 July, one week before the opening ceremony.

Since then LU has confirmed in writing their training methodology and competency assurances on 25 July. In summary, LU has stated that ICSA’s who work on stations will only undertake duties for which they are trained, licensed and competent. ICSA’s are not considered permanent station staff and after any period of deployment on stations they will return to their normal duties within the business. It has also been stated that in the event it is needed, ICSA’s can be counted towards minimum numbers to avoid station closures when deployed on stations. But, on section 12 stations rosters for minimum numbers will not be drawn up to include ICSA’s.

In addition, LU has finally confirmed that the ‘martini doc’ (flexibility matrix doc as referred to in TSSA’s last circular) has now been withdrawn rather than set aside.

Olympic Payments

To recap, the Olympic payments In return for each Functional council area agreeing to a few changes within their framework agreements for the games period only, comprises a one off lump sum payment of £350 paid to all operational staff in:

  • APD
  • Stations and Revenue Control
  • Service Control including Duty Reliability Managers
  • Operational Managers in COO and APD, including Network Operational Learning Trainers.

This payment is in addition to the £400 lump sum payment paid in recognition of flexibility and attendance during the period of the Olympics and Paralympics and £100 CSS bonus, set against a reduced satisfaction score of 78 points.

For staff in non-operational grades i.e. administrative, support managers and mangers within grades G-J, they will receive the £500 (£20 per shift). Regardless of further representations made, LU was not prepared to include these staff in the additional £350 flexibility payment. Part-time employed staff will be in receipt of the equivalent amount paid to full-time staff.

There will be no compulsory working surrounding any additional/overtime work.

LU has been requested to confirm when the pay adjustments to salaries will be made and we will notify you in due course. In the meantime, TSSA is writing to confirm our acceptance of the Olympic payments in line with the mandate given by TSSA’s elected representatives.

TSSA is aware that it will be an exceptionally busy and challenging time for everyone concerned who is working throughout the games period. In the event that you require urgent advice, members must contact their functional council representatives and/or TSSA’s help desk on 0800 328 2673.

The launch of TSSA’s app

Have you downloaded TSSA’s app? The app has transport updates, games schedules, useful contacts, travel guides and section of members. It also promotes our Olympic Pledge campaign and gives TSSA members and the travelling public an opportunity to sign up to the Olympic Pledge, giving their support to a properly funded, fully integrated public transport system. We will continue to develop this overtime, so your feedback is welcome. You can download this from

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