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London Underground - Olympics and Pay offer

14 March 2012

At the Olympic Reward and Recognition Forum LU tabled an offer which was divided into two parts; a £400 lump sum payment and a £100 CSS bonus, set against a reduced satisfaction score of 78 points.

This payment was initially offered on behalf of operational staff only, but it was later conceded that it would apply to all staff including non-operational grades.  However, the offer was rejected by TSSA as it did not reflect the level of flexibility LU sought in return.

Meetings held within the Olympic pay forum (a sub-committee of company council) met in parallel to talks held with your elected TSSA functional council reps in discussing the expected level of work required within grade specific groups.  On behalf of stations staff, rosters were being drip fed and exposed material breaches to some schedules contained within the stations framework agreement.  Separate issues were being identified within Revenue, Service Control and MATS (Management, Administrative and Technical staff).  Details provided by LU over work schedules for the games period were sparse in some areas but it was abundantly clear significant changes to shift lengths and re-deployment were being sought in return for poor payment.

The CSS bonus was viewed as a red herring in dressing up the offer as this applies in normal circumstances.  Increasing anger over stations rosters led to TSSA submitting a letter stating we would not proceed in separate talks and the issues arising on behalf of all staff had to be dealt with in a single forum. TSSA required better information on the level of work required and was not prepared to sell additional labour in exchange for a considerably low offer of payment.

All unions agreed to meet and discuss the obstacles under the auspices of ACAS and three days of relentless talks followed.

The result
TSSA’s position was to achieve a fair and equitable payment for all TSSA members during the games period (Olympics and Paralympics).
LU later relented and moved considerably in trying to meet with our aspirations. 
The revised offer is now made up of the following elements:

  1. £400 (£20 per shift) paid in recognition of flexibility and attendance during the period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (applicable to all staff)
  2. £100 for achieving an average CSS score of 78, based on a unique set of customer measures, recorded network-wide during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. (applicable to all staff)
  3. In addition, a one off lump sum payment of £350 paid to all operational staff in:
    • APD
    • Stations and Revenue Control
    • Service Control including Duty Reliability Managers
    • Operational Managers in COO and APD, including Network Operational Learning Trainers.

This sum will be paid to all of the above staff employed on LU’s books as of 26 July 2012 and with the optimum payment of £850 earned before any overtime and rest day working.
TSSA is now considering this offer following consultation with your reps.  It has been agreed for your reps to be given paid release to attend a meeting with the TSSA’s full-time organisers on Thursday 15 March from 10am.
You are therefore asked to make direct contact with your reps to inform them of your views and whether you agree that this should now be accepted.  I would also ask you to note that this is a final offer and your negotiating team views this as a fair and reasonable offer in the circumstances.

TSSA members must ensure to:

  • Make direct contact with your TSSA functional council representatives to provide more info and to share your views
  • Attend your TSSA branch meeting and or Divisional Council meeting
  • Check TSSA’s web site for updates
  • Contact TSSA’s help desk for help and advice

What should non-members do?


  • Contact TSSA’s office direct for an application form

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